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Each season, we release a curated collection of self-care related goods. We call it a ritual. 

Every ritual is rooted in a mantra, and every product is intentionally selected with your seasonal needs in mind. 

We are so excited to share our summer ritual with you. Introducing up with the sun.

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about the ritual

Summer nights get all the glory, but there’s a magic in summer mornings. The cool and quiet provides space to reflect and energy for the day to come. This summer’s ritual brings the breezy calm of summer mornings to your entire day.  

what's inside

1 - up with the sun t-shirt

A 100% cotton, cap-sleeved tank that is just as wearable for a morning run as it is for an outdoor concert with friends. 

2 - bamboo coconut candle 

Bring freshness to any space with a bamboo coconut scent reminiscent of a tropical early morning walk. Each candle is eight ounces and is made of renewable and sustainable soy grown by American farmers.

3 - cucumber aloe face mist

The cucumber aloe face mist is a summer morning in a bottle, instantly balancing out the heat and dryness of the day. Every bottle contains four ounces of pure refreshment. 

Please note that cucumber seed oil is not recommended for people with hay fever and ragweed allergies. Spray on a small patch of skin before incorporating the face mist into your summer ritual.

4 - white peony tea 

White peony tea provides a new base for your iced tea this summer. Each pouch includes two ounces of loose leaf tea.

5 - up with the sun journal two-pack 

Capture your morning thoughts in this set of two journals and guided journaling prompts. 

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