Pink Dreams

Self-care doesn't have to consist of elaborate routines. Even the simplest of actions can have a large impact. 

Take sleep as an example. Something as easy as playing pink noise, white noise's softer cousin, as you rest can deepen sleep and improve memory recall.

With that in mind, we've crafted a three step evening ritual to help you maximize your sleep quality with minimal effort. 

step one: Decide when you're waking up. Use a calculator like or Sleep Calculator to identify the best time to set your alarm. You'll feel more refreshed when you wake up at the end of your sleep cycle, no matter how much sleep you get.

step two: Choose a wind down activity. Do something every night that tells your mind and body that it's almost time for bed. Read a few pages of a book. Stretch. Take a bath. Write in a journal. The only rule is that your pre-bedtime activity can't involve a screen. 

step three: Play pink noise as you sleep. Use an app like Noisli or SimplyNoise, or ask your virtual assistant to play it for you. 

Try this ritual for a week. Observe your sleep quality, energy throughout the day, and your mood. Then keep experimenting until you have a nighttime routine that works for you. 

Ready to tackle your mornings? We've got a free meaningful morning workbook with your name on it. 

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